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A few years ago there was a made for TV movie, Caesar on TNT (American cable network) my question is, for those who have seen it, what was the accuracy level? I know there is always some "hollywoodism" that is done, but overall what is the opinion?
Hi James,

I assume you're talking about armor and not history, right ?

Well, the armor type is anachronistic (e.g. segs, Gallic helms) and most look like they're made of leather to boot. In spite of that, it's probably the best Roman made-for-tv film to come out since Masada (which had similar flaws).

On the history side, the writers really oversimplified things - like never even mentioning Crasus, (but they show a lot of Pompey and Cato, which is rare). The writers also try to give Caesar an ideology to justify his march on Rome. Those are probably the two biggest historical transgressions.

Hope that helps a little.

It's worth sampling just because Richard Harris is in it, IMO :wink:
Actually, I was asking about both, so you have hit the highlights, and answered my questions (but I always want to hear more! Big Grin )
I think that Jeremy Sisto was indeed cut out for the role as Julius Caesar, as in being easy on the eyes. Smile
The actor playing Pompey...seemed to fit that role, as far as appearance, at least to me . The "look" of a great general.