Full Version: Legions under Flavius Stilicho(Late empire 350AD+)
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Ave Cesare,

It would be of great help if any of you 'scholars' have some good answer of sort.

I'm looking to find active legions under magister militum F.Stilicho..

Its quite difficult since in the late empire legions were quite few. I need some reference if any. It is the western empire I'm interested in.

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The legions that were still active are mentioned in the fifth-century text that is called Notitia Dignitatum. An online edition can be found here: [url:1lbetki3][/url]

These are the legions that were related with Stillicho: the III Italica in the 401 campain aginst the vandls and alans in Raetia, and agains the goths in the 401 - 405 the I Minerva, VIII Augusta, XXII Primigenia, XXX and the VI Victrix

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Any good material on those legions?

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