Full Version: RAT Meetup late April (Buffalo NY area)
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We're prolly going to be in OH from mid-april to early May. Anyone up for a RAT-Together in, for instance, the Buffalo area, so I can see the falls? :wink:
I might be game for such a venture... have to see what my schedule looks like a bit closer in, though.
Heck, if you're going to be in Buffalo Jasper, let me know. I'll get you over to the Canadian side (it's better anyway) and give you the tourist run of that whole area.
Quote:We're prolly going to be in OH from mid-april to early May. Anyone up for a RAT-Together in, for instance, the Buffalo area, so I can see the falls? :wink:

What part of Ohio will you be in?
Nerk! (Newark that is) but that's what the locals call it. It's about 45 minutes east of Columbus. Big Grin
Damn! Too bad you wont be here in time for my Roman event in WV. You would only be about 2.5 hours away Confusedhock:
Buffalo's about six hours from Albany. I'd like to make over for that.
Haha! Most excellent! We'll have a proper RAT-dinner, North-American style. This might be the way to lure Jenny out of hiding! :wink:
What's north-american style dinner?
Bad. :wink:

Therefore, I say we get Italian. Big Grin
Quote:What's north-american style dinner?

The last time I talked about a New England-style dinner (Yankee potroast), Jasper told me it sounded just like a dish from the Netherlands, and when he described it, dang if it wasn't the same recipe. So even our "native" food is European.

I agree with satsobek about Italian Roman...only with tomatoes...
:lol: That's right, I remember that conversation. By North-American style, I probably indicated quantity more than anything else Big Grin
I'm sure we wouldn't have a problem in Buffalo finding any number of restaurants that'll heap the food high. That's a pretty hefty population up that way. Wink
Hey, I live in Newark (pronounced Nerk) Ny about 100 miles from Buffalo. If it's on the weekend I might be able to make it. Italian food on the American side of the Falls, you have to go to Como's. All the great movie stars have been there. For the Canadian side you have to dine in that flying saucer, man, the fries with gravy are the best (really!) Smile A p.s. for you , I can't remember the name of the place but between Bufalo and Niagara Falls on the Niagara Falls Blvd there is a steak house with great steaks and the most fantastic dark beer on tap that I have ever had, medium to heavy in weight with a good bready (is this a word) taste, YUM!
I'd be game to make the trek to the Buffalo, NY area from Connecticut, if it is on a weekend-particularly on a Saturday evening. Not too many years ago, I used to get to Buffalo in the winter for a couple weekends. Love that lake-effect snow! Of course, we in CT are getting buried in snow as I write this.
Upstate NY is not completely out of winter even in early May - I remember driving from Syracuse, NY to St. Catherines, Ontario, via Buffalo and seeing the Niagara River full of ice.

Now, another question for Jasper. How long will you be in the US? - going to any other regions?

Marcus Quintius Clavus/Quinton Johansen
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