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Has anyone here in the USA gotten the latest JRMES from Oxbow books?
I pre-ordered it early last year and they say they shipped it in November, but I still haven't seen it. Has anyone else had this problem?
I've checked the David Brown site a couple times, and keep getting an error for that specific page. Keep meaning to call them, it's a better way to do business with them, but keep forgetting. I've been a "subscriber" to that for years, and it helps on the price.


I'm in the UK- same story! Good idea to call- I've always found them really nice people to do business with.


I have been a "subscriber" for several "issues" and pre-ordered the Segmentata books, et (I got one, didn't get one of the segmentata books). I was charged for the latest JRMES in mid-November, still haven't gotten it.... they say lots of people in the US have the same problem, so I was wondering if anyone else on the forum has this problem.

I keep having trouble with pre-orders and subscriptions with Oxbow and David Brown .....

Well after all the waiting and waffleing about there being no way to track shipments and sorry about that on my preorder of this, I finally had the credit card service cancell the payment. Then I ordered from Amazon US and got the book in less than 2 weeks, as opposed to the several months I had been waiting. This is the second time books ordered from Oxbow/David brown have not arrived, and they don't bother to track them, leaving the customer out on a limb.

Volume 12/13 2001/2002 is in the normal style with 136 pages, and very interesting articles.

1 The Pilum from Marius to Nero by Peter Connolly goes into detail about the discussions we had during the Roman Army Tour 2002, based upon his paper from 2001. Excellent information!

2. A cavalry mask from Germania Inferior

3. A 3rd century legionary workshop devoted to m,aking "segmentata".

4. Military Equipment from Emperor Galerius's Gamzigrad palace

5. Military Equipment from Nijmegen Urban settlements

6. Aitor Iriarte's additional information about the Tereul catapult.

7. A decorated aplique with an inscription from Palencia, Spain.

8. Military items from Ladenburg,

9. 3rd century military equipment from Heddernheim

10. A "lorica" (?segmentata?) fragment from Verulamium.

11. the Titelberg dagger, construction and reconstruction. Berghe & Simkins

12. Roman military equipment at Arycanda.

13. Middle Byzantine lamellar typology and catalog

14. Making a Newstead "lorica segmentata" using Dr. Bishop's plans, with some commentary.

15. Reinforcng a Dacian period roman helmet. David Sim

16. Equipment from a celler in Maastricht

17. The onager according to Ammianus Marcellinus

As usual, we have come to expect excellent articles, accompanied by clear line drawings and photographs, and this volume is up to the standards. If you want a copy, maybe we can put up an amazon link. At least with Amazon, you can track your package, and it is currently cheaper than other venues, especially with Amazon's free shipping. Whiel the site said it would be a 4-6 week wait, I got my copy in 2 weeks, including a postal holiday!

Add this to your library, because with a limited print run it will soon be a collector's item and cost more than the current $65.00

[amazon] Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies 12/13 [/amazon]
Sorry, but the other links will not work, for whatever reason.
If you order from Europe through Amazon US you will have higher postage.
However, if that is the only way to get a book, it is not a bad option. There are other booksellers with this book, in Europe, however.
(I do order from Amazon UK, DE, CA and FR when I can't find a book in the US.)