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Hi guys
got as gift the other day the documentary "in the footsepts of Alexander the great" by Michael Wood. AM enjoying it. Only half way thru it. Gives a chance to see some great locations (pure scenery, besides archeological remains) and interesting comments. I was tickled by how Alexander is still seen to this day, after 2300 years, as a two horned devil and his story is told by story tellers to entertain and used to scare naughty children. I also was impressed how well alexander's(?) "wall" is still recognizable. Even if not by alexander but by persians or later sassanians it is still an impressive piece of militray work.
It's certainly enjoyable, but be on your guard, though. In his description of the battle of Gaugamela, Wood quotes a cuneiform source as saying that "the king (Darius) left his men". That is in harmony with Arrian's description of the battle. However, the cuneiform tablet really says: "The men left their king", and this makes more sense ([url:e6l7wk9l][/url]).

Wood cannot be blamed for the errors in his story about the Persian Gate, as it was identified only recently ([url:e6l7wk9l][/url]).

I visited Aornos, and asked people if they knew about a BBC team recently visiting the site. They all agreed that two German or Swedish ladies had once made the trip to the top, and recalled a Dutchman who had done the same, but no one had ever heard of a British journalist. I would not be surprised if Wood did not visit Aornus.

Although I may sound a bit unkind, I have a feeling that Wood's book is a must-read for anyone who wants to see what Alexander has seen.
And I will be immodest and post the amazon link:
[amazon]Wood, In the footsteps of Alexander the great[/amazon]
My memories of his brilliant documentary will always be that he was able to film (under pretence of working on his Alexander documentary) the plight of the (Shi'ite) Marsh Arabs in the Shatt el Arab waterway. Saddam at that time was destroying their homes by rerouting al the water in the southern marshes. Wood made a stunning humanitarian documentary that made a big impression, which is partly due for the quick way in which the UK army is now reflooding the area and resettling the Marsh Arabs.

I think it's brilliant he was alble to do so despite the control of Saddam's secret service. I taped both documentaries, of course.

Btw, he was also used allowed the use of the AWACS to shoot the area of the Gaugamela battle from above! Big Grin