Full Version: JRMES 12/13
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In the first article by Peter Connolly it seems lost the fig.4.
Anyone realized this? Or simply I lost something in my comprehension? Smile
No, Luca, you are totally right.
It has probably gone where two thirds of my figure n. 2 are... :evil:

What is the JRMES? :oops:
Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies

But why did it stopped in 2000?
It didn't. They are just a bit behind....
I haven't got JRMES 12/13 yet. Is this article the same one Peter Connolly recently published in 'Exercitus' (the ESG's occasional magazine).

Is this jounal good, and essential in a library?
Is this jounal good, and essential in a library?

Good question.
Is there a way to contact Connolly? Or could be that Mike Bishop knows if there were some printing issues?

JRMES is usually not avaible in normal libraries. The best is to contact