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Are there any good sources of information on the Helmet designs and uniforms of the 1st to 2nd century Roman Cavalry??
Greetings and welcome,
there is a discussion in 'The Next Osprey' thread which mentions a new Osprey book for January next year 'Auxiliary Roman Cavalrymen...AD14-193'
I think this is a good site...[url:2st1wya6][/url]
Is this general or are you looking at a particular Alae troop?
There are a few nice pictures on here [url:2st1wya6][/url] I think the rider in 'Nearing Empires End' was with Fectio at Archeon.... :lol:
I am doing research to create a 1st century Cavalry reenacting/living history impression. I have seen Trajens site which is helpful but not specific as to sources of equipment or identification of the Alae in existence or their locations etc.
Sources of specific information on equippage, unit designations and locations, unit or Alae histories and so on.
Particularly interested in a source for a correct, top quality cavalry helmet reproduction.
Thanks for the reply!
The best cavalry helmet I have seen is by Toni Feldon. One example- a little later than your period -was unsold on ebay at ... %3AIT&rd=1

You might want to visit his site at


I think the three books of Marcus Junkelmann about the Roman cavalry are the best source. The third book has a lot of information about the equipment, including helmets of course: ... 28-1792862
I will contact Hetman Militaria, as I learn the details of the helmet I wish to reproduce. I hear they make top quality; hopefully the imperfections as well as original techniques, for the cost I have also heard of....
The books by Marcus Junkelmann may be just what I am looking for.
I just need to find out if they are available in English translation. My German is a bit rusty and not quite up to par.
I greatly appreciate the replies!
I agree that the Junkelmann books are the best- but not available in translation as far as I know.
Three books in English:-
-The Roman cavalry from the First to the Third Century AD- Dixon & Southern
- Training the Roman cavalry from Arrian's Ars Tactica- Hyland
- Roman cavalry equipment-Stephenson and Dixon

I was a little disappointed at the third book. The Hyland book has the huge advantage of actually being written by a highly accomplished rider- fascinating.


Thank you for those references, Britannicus. I shall obtain them if possible.

Here is another Toni Feldon Cavalry Helmet. Probably a little closer to the time you wish to portray. I think probably his best creation I have seen (although mine was pretty d**m good). ... FELDHM.jpg

Be warned though, Toni's prices will make your eyes water. And be very specific with what you want from him.

Heres a rather spiffy picture of the cavalryman with the Feldon helmet on.
[Image: Cavalrywithfacemask.jpg]

But for a price that will be a bit more palatable, you might do worse than look at the Deepeeka version of the Levy masked helmet. From the photos I've seen of the Levy helmet (private collection, New York, I believe), its not a bad copy.
[Image: maskfront.jpg]

Its also worth talking to Terry Nix who does some wonderful horse chamfrons as well as great helmets...


Toni Feldons helmet is a work of art! It is lucky that we have such masters making this kind of quality.
I will try to find the Deepeeka helmet, if it is available. If not just to have an example of the Sports Helmet for the cost.
I will also look up Terry Nix. Thank you.
But I am interested in what the Cavalryman would have worn in the field.
Surely, they would not have worn a full mask in combat. That would have
severely restricted their field of view,and shortened their career!
Would it not have been, perhaps, a highly decorated version of the field Infantry mans' helmet? With some dimensional differences to facilitate quick movements, (on & off horse, left & right); say, shorter neck guard? But still effective protection for dismounted combat...Just wondering out loud.
What helmet maker provided the 1st Century Cavalry helmet on Trajens' Cavalry site??
Thank you Andrew and Britannicus.
Well it looks more and more that some of them at last did wear masked helmets in combat... They don't restrict vision more than a medieval great helm.
"Surely, they would not have worn a full mask in combat. That would have
severely restricted their field of view,and shortened their career! "
Ah- a huge area of debate. As long as the helmet is flush with the face (as these two are), vision is no more impeded than from a medieval helmet- and considerably better than some worn in that era!
Stone sculptures don't help- the paint that would have shown whether the face was iron or skin has by now worn away- although a Cirencester example does seem to show a masked cavalryman trampling a barbarian.
Also, don't underestimate the psychological effect of being charged by masked cavalry......

Re helmets, Terry Nix had this one in stock a while ago. Don't know if it is still available. ... erial1.jpg


Hmmm, convincing. If vision was not a problem, it would make sense.
Would the 1st helmet pictured on Hetman Militaria's site be correct for cavalry?
What is the source for your prints Comerus Gallus Romus? I would like to examine these examples closer, if possible?
Thank you again, Britannicus.
I appreciate the replies and priceless information!

Highest Regards

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