Full Version: Cavalry Uniform and Equipment details
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More pictures of the Terry Nix version of the Vize helmet, now (IIRC) in Istanbul.


Quote:Three books in English:-
-The Roman cavalry from the First to the Third Century AD- Dixon & Southern
- Training the Roman cavalry from Arrian's Ars Tactica- Hyland
- Roman cavalry equipment-Stephenson and Dixon

I found an on-line review for the last one:

Anyone know of reviews about the others?
Sorry I had not been responding to your posts, have been on special assignment out of the area with my work.
Great sources and information. Thanks for the review, Vincula!

Does anyone have reproductions of the 'Open Face" cavalry helmet type?
As in the prints posted earlier by Comerus Gallus Romus?

Switched from books to helmets. Better re-post I guess!
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