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I'm thinking of buying a falcata (picture in the bottom), but I'm not sure that the infantry had those daggers... does anyone know about that?

[Image: 114PDSW1021.jpg]
No that falcata with dagger if for Spanish Iberian troops...

You maight looking for a Greek Kopesh like this:

[Image: 112main.jpg]

it is 246.85 converted to euros... also you can look some greek or macedonian helmet here


Thanks for the help.

I've been thinking to buy some stuff at Manning Imperial, but helmet and hoplon alone will cost me about €1900 and I've only got about €500-1000, so it would be too expensive for the moment.
Ok, if you want to safe money a little more, check here the "Machaira" sword for $135. US, if you want it, but asked first any Greek reenactor here, to see what is their opinion, or if this one qualified for reenacting, also check out if they sale to European costumers, if they does, it would save you some euros... :wink:



Gioi is right, the falcata is based on a find from Spain. I've never seen an example of the kopis he showed, with a complete knuckle-bow guard.
Deepeeka do a reasonable Kopis.

As to the Aspis ("Hoplon" is a general term for arms and armour - hence "Panoplia" - full set of arms ), I'd say either build it yourself or wait until Syndicate Armoury bring theirs out. Building one is not difficult - I did it and all I've got going for me is persistence!

In the Archeological Museum in Athens exist at least two known copies of the kopis. One with a very warped blade shows evidence that there was a "peroni" like handguard for the knuckles.
The other one is more "falcata-like" and has a pelekan head with a beack decoration that could serve as a knuckle-guard..
Please keep in mind that troops from the Greek colonies of Western Mediteranean would look too exotic to main land Greece.
Hoplites from Phokea (modern Marseille) could have carried Spanish type swords or celtic daggers or other more "exotic-barbaric" weapons or armor.
Do not forget combat looting or the extensive trade networks.
Kind regards


I'm going to try to re-enact a Spartan hoplite druing de Persian Wars (490-480BC). Pictures and texts in the Osprey-books and those books from Peter Connolly etc. mention falcata's as a weapon, and it's a bit less expensive than a hoplite sword.

About the aspis: I'm not quite handy to make things of my own, so that's a little problem :wink: But I know someone who can work with bronze or with iron to make some things.
I do not coment on the financial staff. That is always an issue for everybody.
But please do not take the Osprey books as a gospel.
The kopis or the straight sword or "leaf-shaped sword" were part of the Spartan arsenal during all their history so for the re-enactor it is only a matter of taste and budget.
A veteran Spartan after Platea might have well possesed "unusual" items.
A Lakedemonian from Gytheo or through "perioikoi" traders might also had aquired "uncommon stuff"!
So unless you consider yourself a "purist" do not worry too much.
Kind regards


Quote:But please do not take the Osprey books as a gospel.

I don't :wink: I try to compare books and texts as much as possible.