Full Version: BMCR review of van Wees\' Greek Warfare: Myths and Realities.
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Hans van Wees, Greek Warfare. Myths and Realities.
reviewed by Kevin F. Daly.
Oh boy, that sounds like required and interesting reading!
Hi Jasper and Danno,

I met Hans at the Sydney University / Macquarie University Greek History Day on July 7. Both he and Simon Hornblower spoke. I think that 'Greek Warfare' should be required reading especially as an antidote for Victor Davis Hanson and also the Face of Battle approach, important though they are. I don't think his explanation of the Othismos or shove is particularly persuasive and makes Hoplite battle seem far too tentative. But anything which challenges you to think about why you disagree is useful.

In fact the recent BMCR reviews were fruitful - they also included a review of Blyth and Whithead's Athenaeus Mechanicus and Dexter Hoyos' Hannibal's Dynasty. Both of which get good reviews.


Indeed, I can't recommend it highly enough!

The other reviews Murray's referring to:

David Whitehead, P.H. Blyth, Athenaeus Mechanicus, On Machines

Dexter Hoyos, Hannibal's Dynasty: Power and Politics in the Western Mediterranean, 247-183 B.C.