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I do not think many of you have a correct rivetted mail due to price and availability. What do you think is the best replacement? A butted chainmail or a completely rivetted chainmail? What do you think is best if you cannot get the 'real thing'?

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There are several people working on making authentic mail available in a greater quantity than is currently available, but the plans are in the formative stages and they have asked me not to say who they are yet.
Is it Deepeeka?
Could it beeeeeee..... Windlass?
$1000 USD is a very good price for a half riveted, half solid hamata shirt. The ring size that you mention is about right. I looked at the site, but I did not see a picture. Can you share a link to what you saw?
Well, could you PLEASE let me know as soon as they become available (for sale)!

As I said, when one considers the amount of time required to make a shirt of alternating riveted/sold ring hamata, $1000 USD is a very fair price. Most likely the shirt will be of Indian/Pakistan origin. Western labor rates would prohibit a $1000 USD price.
You are correct, the shirts are to be made in India.

Will the wire be galvanized as it is the case usually in India? It would be a pity in a 1,000 bucks shirt! :?

Quote:Will the wire be galvanized as it is the case usually in India? It would be a pity in a 1,000 bucks shirt! Confused

I hope it will not be! If they do the effort to design a correct mailshirt they will surely think of that, won't they?
Even if it it galvanized, you can fix that in about 30 minutes. All you have to do is soak it in muratic acid for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do not breathe fumes, removes rinse with water and baking soda, then oil.
Excuse my ignorance but what is "Muratic acid"?
I think is a kind of acid used in Typography.

You can use too vinegar (acetic acid). But you must to keep summerged the mailshirt for 8 hours aprox. And avoid the fumes! Use a well ventilated or outdoor place.

At our group Legio Prima Germina ( we have used that procediment with excelents results.

But remember to oil the ungalvanized iron, or it will rust VERY fast!

I think 1000 dolars for such mailshirt it's a very good price. :roll: I don't like the all riveted ones!
The samples I have received so far have all been un-galvanised wire as was specified from the outset of the project.

All the punched rings are exactly that, they are slightly irregular and not machine-punched washers such as the type from the hardware shops.

They have a little more work to do with regard to the flattened section of the riveted rings. (it needs reducing), but apart from that it looks great.

peroni, that would be a good thing to work on that flat part. nothing worse than a round ring and have the flat part keep sticking you while you move in the shirt
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