Full Version: Byzantine Equipment
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Hey guys! I am looking for someone to help me find some good blacksmiths to assist me in making a very durable, high-quality set of Byzantine armour for a strategos in the late Byzantine Era (around Basil II). I don't really know a ton about this era as I traditionally only focus on the Imperial Era in Western Rome, but I'm trying to branch out. It would be really helpful if anyone reenacting as a Byzantine troop could help tell me the proper layering (tunic, chainmail, lamellar?) and other equipment like greaves or footwear.
You need a copy of Timothy's Dawson's "By the Emperor's Hand." That covers most of the clothing and the like, but doesn't cover metal armor.

As for armor, Lykia Historical Lamellars can make Byzantine Lamellar for that period. There are others too. Oleg's armor workshop, etc.