Full Version: Returning to RAT
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Hi all. After many years of being out of the reenactment arena, I am finally back and one of the first things I did was trying to revive my old RAT account. I was able to activate it (without the messages from the old forum), but I cannot see my private messages or communicate with an administrator (I see that I have 2, one unread). A page appears announcing that I have no permission to do those tasks. Please, can somebody give me a hand here?

Welcome back!
Thanks Smile
Welcome back try PM Jasper he was able to help others with same problems.
The system limits new users (with a very low post count), but sometimes seems to have issues with extant users who haven't posted very much. I've bumped you up to normal status.
Thanks a lot!! I have been out ot town and just read a PM Robert send me.
I am back, like the Terminator Smile