Full Version: About rating 4 star 5 star
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Hi, to all,
                would you like to express me who give the rating of any topic like
                4 star 5 star ?
                what is important of it?
                hope you understand me and thanks in advance.

 with best regards-sajid
What star ratings? Not here I think?
Hello to all,

                         suppose we see the section roman military history & archaeology, topic ( late Roman
                         unit size) here i am seeing 4 yellow colors star?

 with best regards-sajid
Yes I can see them myself. Here is a screenshot. At first I thought the stars were highlighted to show the amount of interest in a thread eg. views or replies but doesn't look like that is the case. Seems anyone can click the stars to make them go yellow once you click and go into a forum to highlight a thread I suppose.    Cool  


Michael Kerr
You can see them up at the top right corner of this thread as well. For demonstration purposes, I've just awarded it five stars!

(I've never seen the point of them myself, and most people seem to ignore them completely...)
But only three seem to have been recorded, so how do you work that out?
(06-13-2018, 02:00 PM)Renatus Wrote: [ -> ]But only three seem to have been recorded, so how do you work that out?

Hmm, mysterious!... Either somebody else has marked the thread with a single star subsequently, and the score has evened out, or the system needs more than one vote to register for the top score.

Does anyone know what this rating system is supposed to be for? Does anyone actually use it properly?
I tried to give it another two, just for fun, but the system only accepted one. When I tried to enter the second, I got a message that I had already rated the thread. Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would have said.
I don't think people use it, but it seems to work as advertised.