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Hello Roman Army Talk!

So, I'm making a scutum (circa 1st century AD-ish) for a school project and I've come up with a few things I'm not really sure about. First off, I've found some instructions on how to make it here:

First off, does this shield look fairly accurate? Are there any other guides that you would recommend? Then my next question, is the handle on that correct? I've always been under the impression that scuta had a more Medieval-esque pair of vertical straps, one for the arm to go through and one for the hand to hold. Anyway, how is the horizontal handle effective? The suitcase type grip that the guide recommends seems like it could be useful for marching, but how would you even use that in combat?

Next question, do you have any suggestions on how to put a metal rim on the top and bottom on a curved scutum with square edges? I was a bit confused on that part of the guide.

Last question for now, completely unrelated, What was the standard color for tunics? Elsewhere on that site, it said that it is white or offwhtie, but I've also read that it was red. Anyone know which one it was?

I'll deal with each of your questions in turn.

1 - as far as we know the shield is as accurate (visually at least as I don't have it here to inspect personally) as any other reconstructed shield.

2 - Florentius has a good page on how he does his edging:

3 - The was almost certainly no standard colour for tunics. The Romans do seem to have been very concerned about cloak colours though.

4 - The thread should have been posted in the Re-enactment and Reconstruction forum. Can you try to get it moved to there?