Full Version: Extraordinarii
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Hello Gentlemen, 

I would be interested in finding out more about extraordinarii. 
Are there any articles or publications that deal with this subject?

It seems that they were something similar to the silver shields, a kind of unit for special, dangerous tasks?

Were there roman extraordinarii? Or were they always recruited from the Italian allies of Rome? if yes, why?
Wouldn't be the roman keen to recruit the elite for the most dangerous tasks from the Roman ranks?
What armor would this troops use?
Can I point you towards a excellent book Explorattio by Austin and Rankov, the only thing is you need a good knowledge of history as it jumps up and down at times explaining the use of troops and military intelligence. Otherwise it explains the vast amount of specialist troops used throughout Roman history.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Thanks a lot! Seems to be a very interesting book. I will read it.
The subject of intelligence in general inn the ancient world interests me a lot.
Have you read also "Intelligence Activities in Ancient Rome: Trust in the Gods But Verify".
Would you also recommend it?
I think the aspect of intelligence and special operations in ancient warfare gets overlooked. But it is a very interesting topic.
No I have not Sad But will be also interested in reading it thanks for the heads up  Smile I also have a interest in the covert military and political activities that went on during the Empire.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin