Full Version: Ancient and early medieval footwear from Achmim-Panopolis 1896
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This may interest some: An extremely rare book only some 100 were published!


Antike und frühmittelalterliche Fussbekleidungen aus Achmim-Panopolis

The link leads to the book view GDZ, by clicking on the "Export" button (top right hand) you can then download it for free by clicking on the "PDF Download" button in the right hand panel, German text.
Includes many details and fine water colours of examples of the leather workers art...

For more references and detail on many of the included shoes you may find them (or similar examples) in the following more recent works though not necesarily in colour:

Catalogue of footware in the Coptic Museum Cairo PDF price 9.95€, free to read online, english text.


Catalogue des chaussures de l'antiquité égyptienne  original list price is 68€ but can be found on other sites for less , mostly BW images some drawings a good deal of info french text.
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I thought you might like that, its a book I would dearly love to own Wink

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