Full Version: Wearing Lorica Hamata Under Everyday Clothes?
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Hey everyone, first post

I was planning to buy some pieces of Roman armor just to have, and I got to wondering, how would it work if I tried to wear it under my regular clothes that I wear everyday?  Are there any hamatas that are only waist length, or would it be possible for a complete amateur like myself to remove some rings to make it waist length?  I doubt I could wear this like that due to the pants causing everything below the waist to bunch up.

This one for example looks like it fits pretty slim if you get the right size, I guess this is the type of fit I'm looking for:

Also, about its effectiveness, how would something like this fare against things such as knives that you might encounter on the street?  I know there are two styles of construction, riveted and something else, I forget, with one being much more effective (I think rivet).  From the very limited reading I've done on these types of armor it seems like they were extremely effective, and that's against military grade swords and spears, so I'm assuming the knife type weapons of the common criminal are no problem at all?  Assuming it hits the part where it's covered of course.

Thanks everyone! Smile