Full Version: Prof. A.D.E. (Alan) Cameron (1938-2017)
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Alan Cameron, Professor of Latin Language and Literature at Columbia University, New York (1977–2008), and latterly Emeritus Professor, has died in New York.

He will probably be best known on RAT for his contributions to the Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire, or for his Last Pagans of Rome, a veritable doorstop of a tome, but some may recall his (scholarly) sniping at the members of the Historia Augusta Colloquia, particularly over the idea that the HA might have been an anti-Christian tract, but also over its relationship with Ammianus and Jerome.

Columbia don't seem to have put up an obituary yet:
That's sad news. Truly a mighty name in Late Roman studies.

I wasn't aware of his scholarly sniping though - I might have to look that up!

[EDIT - I now realise that one of the chapters of Last Pagans of Rome was devoted to the HA. Here it is online, for anyone wanting a flavour of Cameron's scholarship!]

Also, Columbia now have their obituary up:

Professor Alan Cameron
Indeed a great scholar.
Sad news. I loved this guy's work. His book on Claudian is my favorite, and The Last Pagans of Rome was terrific too.