Full Version: Legions in Virginia?
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First off, sorry about the duplicate thread. I couldn't figure out how to fix the Marcus Aquila account, so I scrapped it.

Hi, new tiro here. I'm trying to find a local group, but I'm not having good luck so far.

Are there any groups in South Western Virginia (Not Southern West Virginia)? I'm pretty much in the corner between Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Thanks in advance!

I am in Central Pennsylvania. A legion of One I am afraid! Smile Let me know if you find anything your way.
There is an active group in Maryland/NVA, the well known XXth, that pulls in folks from Pittsburgh and NJ so keep them in mind. It's run by two very knowledgeable long time reenactors, Matthew Ampt and Richard Campbell. They do more public events than anyone I know of in the East. Still small by European standards but active and supportive to new members.
Thank you Creon1- that is very helpful!! I will look them up