Full Version: Roman Army Terminology Greek-Latin
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My Greek is not that good - could anyone transcribe the Greek terminology?
(10-19-2017, 10:37 AM)Robert Vermaat Wrote: [ -> ]could anyone transcribe the Greek terminology?

I've found if you copy and paste them into Google Translate as modern Greek, it gives you a (generally) pretty good transliteration, besides a meaningless translation!

So στρατιώτης comes up as 'stratiotis', which does indeed mean soldier (miles in Latin).

However, I think what this list demonstrates is the imprecision of a lot of Latin/Greek military terms. ἡγεμών (igemón, or hegemon) is listed as dux, for example - it can mean that, but it could also refer to a provincial governor (legatus, or praeses), a city curator, or even a council member. Any sort of 'leader'.

τάγμα (tágma) is translated as legion - it could mean that, but the word could also refer to a mounted unit. ταξίαρχος (taxíarchos) becomes 'evocatus', but the word could also mean a centurion, a tribune or a senior commander, and τάξις (taxis) could mean a legion or a cavalry unit.
Likewise, εἴλη (eile) is almost certainly a transliteration of ala.