Full Version: Wicks for the Lamps
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I've been looking around for alternatives to the cotton wick for Roman oil lamps and have found no natural substitutes that the Romans would have had access to. I know that there is a possibility that they had access to cotton near the later Empire, but are there any thoughts on what they would have used in the Republic and Early Empire?
Twist some unwaxed flax or linen thread together to the size and thickness you want, wet it with a bit of vegetable oil almost anything will work, and insert it into the lamp, you may also use a piece of hemp string it should work.... nothing man made only natural undyed fibre...
In the Orkneys they used twisted strips of dried moss
(09-26-2017, 09:53 AM)Dan Howard Wrote: [ -> ]In the Orkneys they used twisted strips of dried moss

Its possible "candle grass" (Juncus effusus) would also work but I've only ever used it for candle wicks, plenty of moss out the back of my house usually use it dried for stuffing the toes of shoes..
Most useful. Many thanks.
I use scraps of linen left over from sewing projects. Couple thin lengths twisted together work great.
Short lengths of unbraided rope, too.