Full Version: Your Childhood roman participate work
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Hello to all,

                     every one in childhood golden moments if any person participated in Roman field
                    please post his/her work pictures here.

best regards-sajid
I have no idea what you expect from us.

But if you are inviting us to post childhood pictures the question remains - why?
What better than a Metro/Underground like map of the Roman roads to go :
Well, no pictures, nor have I done any reenacting, but I developed my interests in Roman history during childhood. In the late 1990s, I was reading illustrated history books about ancient and medieval times, which persisted into the next decade, but by circa 2003 or 2004, I was playing games like the Age of Empires and Total War series. Before those, I played historical gaming in the form of Oregon Trails: 3rd Edition, and one called Yukon Trails, which had historical, exploration, and survival elements.
Sorry...I don't have any pictures.It I dint participated any anything like that.
But in my childhood I was much eager to know folks and tales of this. And i always look to gain some knowledge in roman army and culture.
I used to read many book which related to ancient times war etc.