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This Auerberg cingulum model I made especially for Fabrica Augustana needs.
This project Auerberg-Cingulum currently displayed in Mindelheim Germany I have been postponing for a long time (over 2 years due to lack of time to finish it) these days I brought it to the final. Niello is ready and in the parts cavities .

My and my brother's belts are ready for the Augustan period.
The Roman/German Militaria is very attractive to me.This is because, in the downstream of the Rhine and the Danube, the roman limes was very densely saturated with legionary and auxiliary castrams. As a result of this great military presence the finds of military archeology are abundant.

I've used double stitch leather.
I must admit that in the beginning I underestimated the complexity of this model! But it proved a project with complex shapes which I finished successfully (I think). The details of the plates and their depth proved to be not so easy task as seemingly in Prima Vista.
What was the function of this extra disk?It is possible to hang something there,for an extra strap purpose?Or simply for decoration? We only can guess about it.
Of course the originals (the museum exhibits,the plates) are not well shaped but I made them as well as they should be overlooking when they were new.
I spent a lot of time and effort to do these wax models! I had to change several different types of wax with different hardness so to be able to process material to the desired by me level. After many changes, repetition and a lot of work I think I achieved a very good result on wax!
Lovely work as ever and top quality, thank you for sharing your work keep them comeing  Big Grin
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
I'm glad you like my creative work Brennivs Smile
Excellent work, as always Rado.

One thing to note though is the positioning of the frog plates. In the first pictures you put up where we could see the stitched belt, the frogs looked to be too far apart. They should be no further apart than the width of the pugio sheath and its suspension rings, which should more or less touch the frog buttons (there is no evidence for the straps many re-enactors use), as you will see from your examination of sculpture.
The upper suspension rings of the pugio sheath were probably tightly secured to the frog buttons with leather thonging.

Thank you for your comment Crispvs. This is a photo of the two belts with attached (with straps to them) my Princeton pugiones model. I made some tests and I think that the belts are ready for use .In fact, we have an invitation for an Roman event at the end of the month so there will be tests on the battlefield.More photos in September if the festival is happen. .. having in mind that this year's festival participation for us here in eastern Europe are rare….
Useing the belt in action during Tomis Ancient Festiva 25-27 August proved that tha cingulum is successful . Of course the few applications do not make it so luscious and beautiful, but such are the  archaeological features of this model.
In the photo Centurion and Aquilifer of the 4-th. (with our 2 new belts).Lack of an Apron with studs on this model makes it more suitable for a centurion or an auxiliary soldier .Because in reenacting colleagues prefer to be equipped with Apron with studs .