Full Version: Binchester 15-16 July Roma Antiqva
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My group will be at Vinovia this weekend if you are in the area pop along  Smile
We are part of the national Archeology week along with our amazing artillary display and living history display, Barbaratvs will be showing off his brillant cavalry skills fresh from Turma event and more. So if you are there glad to talk all things swords ect.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Just a few pics of the event  Smile
[attachment=14050] [attachment=14051
A nice group shot and Barbaratvs fresh from Turma with the bling on  Smile a excellent weekend fireing the Ballista in the rain on Saturday then near the end Sol made a a apperence for the rest of the weekend with excellent crowd made the event.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Nice pics - same I couldn't make it down to visit - Lanchester is not too far from there and I grew up there back in the 70s/80s.
Missed it this year unfortunately.