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I am going to make 2 types of saw one looks like it was a tenon type the other has a handle, I am useing a donor saw to make them from as I don't have any steel good enough for the job as I want them to be fully working. The tenon saw is in the
 St Germain museum, the other only states Wessex archeology both are drawings. I will post soon.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Some progress pics during the stages of construction would be neat.
Oops sorry Dan did not take that many pics  Sad but I can show what is left of the donor saw General shape and finished item.
[attachment=14005] [attachment=14006] [attachment=14007] [attachment=14008]
And I can say it works a treat and after sharpened it cuts through hard wood great, the origonal has no size to it so I made it to suit my purpose hear is the origonal, it looks like it may have been 're handled at some point hence the many holes so just used what I thought best.
I would not care Dan Just started it a couple of hours ago, will do better on the next one.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Nice one, Tony. Love your work  Heart .
Thank you very much Robert  Smile I have enjoyed making these tools. Dan tried me best at photos but not much really  to show here goes,
[attachment=14011] [attachment=14012] [attachment=14013] [attachment=14014]
Started with saw marked onto metal, cut out used a special cutting disc, handle roughed out with file and draw knife then the two parts just about ready to be riveted. Now the piece has only one rivet so what they did is cut out a triangle at the back. When you cut the slot in the handle cut in the triangle this locks the blade in hence one rivet ingenious  Smile
[attachment=14015] [attachment=14016] [attachment=14017]
Finished item oiled and ready to go, I also forgot I made a axe a few years ago so brought that out to go with my kit. Opps forgot photo of origonal.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Great project! Always thought it would be nice to have a full set of historical tools from one period or another. Roman carpentry tools are wonderful.
Thank you Jeff  Smile that is the problem since I do running repairs, sometimes for other groups. It will look better for the public it the tools are period, just a plane to make now and that will be all I need. At the moment I am a bit obsessed with making covers for all the blades as I want to keep them nice and sharp. 
Just hope I am kept free too enjoy the Turma event this weekend and not slaveing away in the back ground  Wink
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Tony Nice saws, heres the original doc for the tools in the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the Museum catalogue allso includes this article in full from Revue archéologique 1916:

download button is the arrow in the left hand menu click on this a panel opens up, select "une sélection du document" and " Page en cours" and "Seulement(add 36 in the box here)page" and tick the last conditions box and click on the Telecharger button to download, doc should be 1.3mb

hope its some use for future projects
Oh wow, thanks!! Great link and these diagrams have scale. Lot's of nice things to make in the near future. Now I just need to learn how to turn wood for handles.
Thank you very much Ivor  Smile much appreciated. Robert I could not see a scale on the St Germain saw except possible numbers below blade ? The Wessex one is just about the size of a standard panel saw 17" but I made it half the size for my needs. I hope you get the hang of wood turning it is really satisfying, a bit like throwing a pot except a sharp blade replaces hands. I have a job to replace a handle on a depeeka sword and a bit of work on the blade, at least I have a few wood working tools to help me with this now. 
 This is what a I am am thinking for my plane reconstruction.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Hmm, hope this works. There is a scalebar in cm at the bottom of the plate showing the saws.
WOW thanks Robert great image not a bad guess on my part I am 3cm longer, I love what could be a pad saw and the gimlet. I can see a few pieces I would like to make chears  Smile
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Having downloaded the whole document/book, this plate was just a portion of the haul Big Grin . It is devided by craft, so I will be making some craftsman's, too, in the future. Between this one and Manning plenty to make.
Started another saw, this time one from Newstead. It is quite a unusual  type it looks like it was made from a broken blade a pistol grip added and a crude finer tooth cut along the top of the blade.
There is no scale bar so made it for my needs  Wink
[attachment=14178] [attachment=14179] [attachment=14180] [attachment=14181]
Here are the various stages the blade was cut from a doner saw and I filed in the fine teeth, looking at the origonal I think they were cut all along the edge ? purpose unknown but will see what it can do. The handle I have made from dog wood just needs a little more work to it before I can rivet and a final set and sharpen of blade. Hope to have it finished soon.  Smile
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Just about finished  Smile  But as ever the normal snag I worked out the handle was to small to do for my large hands so had to make it 1" 1/2 longer otherwise my hand would sit on the blade  Cry  I have sharpened the blade on both sides but a bit more work on the handle, on with the photos  Smile
[attachment=14182] [attachment=14183] [attachment=14184] [attachment=14185]
Also the blade is about 1" 1/2 longer but it works for me, the cut is great on the main part. The other side well very surprised I did not set the teeth and tried it, nice easy cut through some beech even with the handle the other way in the hand. It may not be as exciting as a sword but it gives me a better understanding of how tools were used and the capability to do jobs, also the possibility that they made gadgets to do some tasks like we have today. Here is the cut on the wood with the fine teeth,
Not bad  Wink also made a large traditional style wood tool box to carry everything in will take a photo. Any question please ask.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
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