Full Version: exact Base Camp of leg. IIIG,XVIFF and XIIF
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Hello,is there everyone who have clear indications vor the Baarin Area as the >raphaena< of this Legions mentioned above. In my mind and after my recent geographical Research, the real Position was 200km farther south. The Location can be fixed by Inscriptions and a very similar Name.
What you think about??
Is there everyone who has more Informations between 50 AD and 250 AD. In this Position south of Damascus together with the Leg. III Cyr. in Bosra, the Legions should save the Limes Orientalis along the Via Nova trajana an Via Diocletiana. There are also inscriptions from the LEG IIIIScy nearby.

If there are some Users or Guest who have  own Intentions about the Base Camp of this Legions,please let us know.

with greetings from Germany