Full Version: Alaric, the Bandit King
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Plugging my new novel:

"The Bandit King - Promotus AD 391"
First in a planned series following the life of Alaric the Goth.
The Kindle Version can be gotten here:

The series begans with Alaric as a bandit in the Balkans.
Major characters are Alaric, General Promotus, Rufinus, Eutropius, and Theodosius.
I have tried to maintain an historically accurate portrayal of the characters and events.
Because it is a novel, it is fiction, but I tried to not violate history.
Anyone who reads this novel is encouraged to contact me with errors and corrections in history.

I wish to thank everyone at RomanArmyTalk for their help in gathering information for this series.  It is really appreciated.
Sounds good!

You have this announcement on two different threads, so answering you will get confusing. I'm relieved to see someone write a novel on one history's more colorful characters. (I tried the Alaric story years ago with The King and the Cuckold, but never published it.) I'll get your kindle version and take a look. Good luck with it. Big Grin
That is because I am ate up with the dumb-ass sometimes. Thanks for your reply.