Full Version: Old/new editor at Ancient Warfare magazine
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I've got too much time on my hands and with Jona's departure from Ancient History Magazine, Josho's moving over, leaving me perfectly positioned to take up the reigns of my (and surely yours) favourite magazine! blog
First of all I wish Jona only the best. You made a fine start for AHM.
Jasper I am sure you will be able to acceptably continue with AW. ?
Heh... ;-)
Stupid auto correct
Bane of our lives. ;-)
That's great to hear, I heard the news from Josho today.

Unfortunately there's no upcoming issue with any theme I'd like to submit an abstract for. None of them even approach the 4th-5th centuries in topic. Sad
Well, XI.1 could, but that deadline has closed. Unfortunately, there's just slightly too many periods in the Ancient Era to have at least one issue for each in every year.