Full Version: Administration of aqueducts
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Ave Civitas,

I am beginning to work on a section of book three in my  series on Alaric.  I am interested in how the water supply for the eastern empire was managed.

I know, from the ND that there was a The count of the aqueducts in Rome.  How  wide did his authority spread.  Would a mirror 'count of aqueducts in Constantinopolis' have identical duties and how far from the city would their authority range?

In particular, I am wondering about the water system for Nicomedia.  I imagine there would have been someone on site to repair and maintain the water system in that city.  But what I don't know, and am turning to your wizardry for help, would he be under direct authority of the aquarius of Constantinopolis, or would there be a diocesan or provincial intermediary?

As always, thanks in advance for your help.