Full Version: Happy Birthday, Roma!
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April 21 is the traditional date of the Founding of Rome! Anyone celebrating? We've got family and friends coming over for a house-warming, but no Romans unfortunately (too big a crowd!). I'd rather be out chopping up Gauls or kidnapping Sabines. Maybe I'll settle for wearing my toga!<br>
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We had our first feast last night to celebrate Roma's B-day we had a small crowd show (24 people) but the food was fantastic as well we did gladitorial displays. We also had bellydancing done period with live drummers. Every person that showed had a fantastic time. We were in luck that a professional Photographer was working next door and see us and just had to take pictures of the feast. I hope to get pictures of the feast upon Legion XXI's website within the next few weeks as we get the photo's sent to us. Lots of win and great food was the way to go We had a wide selection of Gauls, Greeks etc.<br>
Tiberius <p></p><i></i>
We just had Italian/Campanian vino, and spagetti, but we clinked glasses to Rome. <p>Richard Campbell, Legio XX.
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To celebrate the Parilia, I drank a good glass of pomegranate juice. Happy birthday Rome!
Happy Birthday, Rome!

So what would the anniversary be? According to Varro Rome was founded in 753 BC. There is no year 0, so would this be 2762 ab urbe condita?
Happy birthday to QEII as well!
Ha, I was just about to start a new thread, but this will work. Happy Birthday, Roma! "Geez, Romulus, watch where you swing that ladder! You almost killed m---"


To celebrate the birth of Rome, I had a meal in an Italian restaurant, in Edinburgh.
Veal in a creamy mushroom sauce.....excellent!!
Let me say "thank you" Big Grin , in fact I live in Rome not so far from the Forum.
Buon Compleanno Roma Eterna

Saluti e graditudine da NY
Quote:in fact I live in Rome not so far from the Forum.
Well, soldier, here's your mission. Go ahead and kill, kill, kill!
I had a hefty amount of red to celebrate!
Quote:Well, soldier, here's your mission. Go ahead and kill, kill, kill!

you right, Jona, I would must do. Truly that's a shame, around the Colosseo we have many odd guys but unfortunately our authorities tolerate them. Although they are there to live, nevertheless they are a sort of gangster, in fact is quite impossible to do the some there for anybody being out of their gang, surely they hit him.They have not respect for any laws and really don't care at all philology of ancient rome military equipment.