Full Version: Gaetulicus, Apronius and Caligula(a question)
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Gaetulicus was the propraetor of Upper Germany and he was executed by Caligula in 39 during a conspiracy. He was if I recall the son in law of one Lucius Apronius, who himself controlled the province of Lower Germany at that time. Tacitus suggests that Gaetulicus' influence extended also to the legions under Apronius.<br>
At about the same time Gaetulicus was replaced by Galba in Upper Germany, Apronius was replaced by Publius Gabinius Secundus in Lower Germany. I have not seen anything else about Apronius' eventual demise, although logic would have it that he was executed too.<br>
Do we know if Lucius Apronius survived the conspiracy and was simply removed from office, or if he was executed or assasinated? <p></p><i></i>