Full Version: Whatever happened to...Publius Ventidius Bassus?
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Are the records not uncovered yet on his fate? Or was this accomplished General eliminated or his history intentionally erased.

Bassus appears to be a very clever man. And given who was the company he was involved with.. a threat. 

Extensive GOOGLING uncovers nothing except at how good he was at dealing with the Parthians.

[Image: Stalin2.jpg]

Nobody knows. After he celebrated his triumph over the Parthians there is no other mention about him in the sources, only that he was granted a public funeral (funus publicum) by the Roman state. He probably died soon after the triumph. Some speculate that he must have died before Actium, because after the victory of Octavian such a prominent supporter of Antony, like Ventidius, would probably not be granted a public funeral, which is the greatest honour a dead man could receive from the Roman state. But this is just a speculation, of course.

Thanks Alexandr K for your response. Yes that is all I could find with further search on the INTERNET-a public funeral. And then that's it.