Full Version: Balteus cinched in to distribute weight?
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Just a random thought after 40 high school students all tried on the same segmentata yesterday. I didn't have the lacing loops laced so they slid over each other. For some of the thin girls and boys I squeezed the girdle plates together until they fit snugly (yes, very careful with the girls). It occurred to me that if you had to fit odd sized legionaries with standard sized girdle plates, the balteus would have a really useful function in both holding them together as well as helping the waist carry the weight. It might also mean that the belt plates would serve as protection for the leather. 

 Not sure if anyone's discussed this before. 

The one 6 foot 4 inch tall girl I called a Batavian. The girdle plate didn't fit across her chest but I dind't try to squeeze those in. She liked the Batavian thought though.