Full Version: Reenactors in North Yorkshire or County Durham?
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I am just getting in to Reenacting having had a long interest in all things Roman.
I am however finding it difficult to locate any groups in the North East. Lots of internet links but a lot of them don't seem to be live anymore.

Is anyone connected with or knows of any groups in the North East that would be interested in a recruit?
Have you tried this?

They seem a bit shy of admitting where they are based but I have always associated them with the North and the membership application has to be sent to York, which may indicate something.
I am a member of Roma Antiqvia  Leg VII Clavdia based at Binchester County Durham if that's any help Smile
Regards Brennivs Big Grin
Thanks folks.
Comitatus while very good are too late and the Gauls at Arbeia are Auxiliaries.

Binchester sounds promising. Just over at Bish. I was over there looking at the Baths just a few weeks ago.
It's less than an hour.
I will post our next gigs if you are intrested and come along to one of the events Smile
Regards Brennivs Big Grin
Yes please.

My next trip out is a visit to Vindolanda on the 9th. They are having a reenactment weekrnd with the Ermine Street Guard among others.
It's also next on my list of Wall visits. I am working my way through all the Roman sites in the North East. I started at Aldborough snd worjed north and then west along the Wall. My wife is bored to tears by ruins and Romans but my mother is a big fan of Roman historic fiction, Anthony Riches in particular so she is keen to visit the sites along the wall Housesteads in particular as it was the home of her Tungrians.