Full Version: Cavalry - Roman units in the Batavian Revolt
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I have read in another site that the following units fought in the Batavian Revolt

Infantry - Cohors I-VI Nervana Germanorum (Nervii) and Cohors I Tungrorum (Tungri) 
Cavalry - Ala Nerviorum (Nervi), Ala Canninefatium (Canninefates/Cananefates) and Ala Treverorum (Treveri) 
Mixed infantry and cavalry units - Cohors I Ubiorum equitata (Ubii), Cohors I-VIII Batavorum equitata quingenaria (Batavi) and Cohors II Tungrorum miliaria eqiutata (Tungri) 
Archers - Sagittarii Nervii and Sagittarii Tungri

I also know there were several Legions that took part, but can anyone tell me about any other cavalry units, Alae, Cohors Equitatae etc.?