Full Version: The "Guttmann Gladius
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Hi,every one

                         i have read some about  Guttmann gladius that its blade 63.6 cm.
                         but i want to know,  how long its tang,width, overall length?
                          please help this topic as before, hope you will explain about it and
                          thanks in advance.

with best regards- sajid
The Guttmann-gladius is now in Leeds,

Royal Armouries

where you can find the data.
Hi to all,
             many thanks to provide its detail,   the main point is front of me is about its blade, double edged blade
              found only at Guttmann or any other gladius and something wrote
             on its blade which i could not understand ?

  with best regards-sajid
The Inscription reads

1st side: "> C. VALER(i) PR(imi) / C. VALERI(i) PRI(mi)"

2nd side: "C. VALERI(i) P(rimi) C. RANIV(s) / C. VALE(ri) PRIMI"
Sajid, not totally clear the first part of your enquiry, what do you want to know?