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Hello all,

I'm fairly new here, so I am not entirely sure that this is the right place for this post, but at a glance it seemed like the best bet.

My name is Jesse, and I share your passion for Antiquity. My love for this period goes so far, that I am determined to become an author of historical fiction. Currently, I am travelling through Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and the UK to visit all the sites which interest me. During my voyage, I am writing a blog which follows the route of my travels exactly, only through the eyes of a Roman/Italian merchant in Antiquity. The story takes place shortly after the Civil Wars after Caesar's death and shows many regions, including Gaul, Belgica and Germania, in great detail. I have chosen to depict this route and age by writing it as a novel, which is updated just about every week. I am very curious as to what you guys think, and all criticism or feedback is welcome!

If you are interested, pay a visit:, and let me know what you think Smile

Thank you! Smile
A new chapter of Ancient Adventures has been published, in which the character arrives in the territory of the Allobroges. It details much about the history of this Gallic people and their struggles with Carthage and Rome.
A new chapter is just out and it's about Vienna. Not the capital of the Czech Republic, nor the Ultravox song, but the principal town of the Allobroges. Check it out!
After a short radio silence, Ancient Adventures is back with a new chapter, featuring themes such as slavery and Roman wine. Let me know what you think!
The next chapter of Ancient Adventures deals with homosexuality in Antiquity, the Allobrogian Revolt and the horrible Roman defeat at the Battle of Arausio. Check it out:

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This chapter of Ancient Adventures gives an in-depth view on river and sea trade in ancient Gaul. Give it a read if you're interested!