Full Version: Strategy and Tactic names?
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hey guys, I was actualy just surfing the net for strategy and tactic names of roman wars when I stumbled upon this board. For example, the hammer and anvil, the wedge. Things of that nature, if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated. I'm looking for descriptions of them as well, but the names would be good enough to keep me moving along. Thanks!<br>
On another note.. I was actually surprised to find myself already logged in, it was then that i realized this was an ezboard. lol ive got a board of my own as well <p></p><i></i>


Here are a few Latin terms.<br>
<i> Acies</i>: battle line.<br>
<i> Acies duplex</i>: double battle line.<br>
<i> Acies triplex</i>: triple battle line.<br>
<i> Ala</i>: wing; also unit deployed on the wings, either an allied contingent (republican era) or a cavarly regiment (empire)<br>
<i> Caput porcinum</i>: 'swine's head': assault column or wedge.<br>
<i> Cornu</i>: 'horn': wing.<br>
<i> Cuneus</i>: assault column or wedge.<br>
<i> Forfex</i>: pincer.<br>
<i> Frons</i>: front.<br>
<i> Globus</i>: square; also independent support unit.<br>
<i> Ordinatio</i>: deployment.<br>
<i> Serra</i>: saw.<br>
<i> Testudo</i>: tortoise formation.<br>
Note that the term <i> quincunx</i> for the deployment of units like the five on dice is a modern name, not actually used in Roman times for that formation.<br>
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