Full Version: Wanted: Gladiatores and support personnel in Seattle
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Salvete omnes!

I started doing basic gladiator reenactment and training a couple of years ago; there were 7 or 8 of us who met weekly. Then I moved across the country to Seattle. I'd like to get back into it, but don't really know anyone else around here who might be interested in doing so with me. So I'm seeking others in the western Washington area (I'm in central Seattle).

If you want to do gladiator impressions and combat, or if you're interested in support positions (equipment maintenance, period audience members, etc.), drop me a note. We're coming up on "gladiator season" (i.e. the non-rainy part of the year ) so I'd like to get started ASAP. I have a little gear we can practice with as we gain more equipment and members.

Multas gratias!
new gladiatorial troupe down here in San Diego. we'll be in San Pedro July 9-10 putting on 2 bout s a day. would love it if you could join us.