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Until recently I received e-mail notifications of new replies to threads to which I am subscribed. A few days ago, I noticed that these had stopped. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Also, under the old system similar e-mail notifications were sent when a PM had been received. The new system does not seem to have this facility. Is there any chance of this method of notification being revived? It is very easy to miss PMs otherwise.
maybe it has to do with your settings
if you have subscribed to something you can choose to get emails pm or nothing
can you first look in one or 2 of your subscriptions and check if still the case?

here is the link
This thread is a case in point. My setting reads 'Subscribe and receive email notification of new replies' but I did not receive notification of your post.
I do get
can you please which email you have registered, maybe is another email than you would expect. I had the problem when had to reregister and move the old account on the new one
My registered e-mail address is correct, I am subscribed to this thread and I have not received notification of either of your posts. You, on the other hand, seem to have received notification of mine. It is very odd. Do you also receive notification of PMs?
Is there an answer to my problem? The question of reputation rating seems to be a continuing difficulty as well.

I don't think any of us regular members can post or receive a "Positive" rating. Only "Neutral;" which is, as I've said, not a Rating at all. It's just urine in the wind. However, moderators can post "Postive" ratings. The glitch occurred weeks ago... if it was a "glitch" at all. You can add up the "Neutrals" within your rating and discover what your actual rating is, but that hardly seems worthwhile. Sad
(04-29-2016, 05:25 PM)Alanus Wrote: [ -> ]The glitch occurred weeks ago... if it was a "glitch" at all.

Alan! Are you seriously suggesting that we moderators could agree on anything as trivial as.. sabotaging the reputation rating??  Rolleyes
I'm certainly not pointing fingers. I just don't think the software modified itself. The idea that the moderators got together to limit options to the "plebs," wasn't my intent. I'm simply uncomfortable with a lack of choice that leaves no option except a neutral "rating." If the human reproductive process relied upon neutral, none of us would be here.

woman: "How did my pregnancy test turn out?"
doctor: "Nothing to worry about. You're neutral."
Quite clearly something has gone wrong. We used to have a system that worked; now we don't. What can be done to put it right? The same can be said for the e-mail notifications that I used to receive.
And I am still getting them BTW, the notifications I mean
(05-10-2016, 10:15 AM)Gunthamund Hasding Wrote: [ -> ]And I am still getting them BTW, the notifications I mean

That's extraordinary. It's not that I have never received them; I used to but now they have stopped. Am I alone in having this problem?
Hi Michael
If you're not getting any emails from this forum anymore, the most logical reason for that would be that your email provider/your email program is blocking or filtering those emails.
But why and wouldn't they go to junk?
Spam filters decide on a myriad of rules, depending on which specific algorithm/server/program you use. Perhaps it looks too automated, perhaps it doesn't like the server, perhaps someone else complained about this server and that reflects on how it responds for you... No way to tell. Did you check your spam folder?
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