Full Version: What does does Preatoia mean?
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I was watching <i>Gladiator</i> (I know, I like to compare movies with history) and noticed a sign that said Preatoria XIV. What does Preatoria mean? <p><i><font color="black"><b>Romulus Agustulus, Ceaser of Rome and president of UPURS<br><marquee>All for the Glory of Rome!</marquee></i><br>My homepage</p><i></i>
It'll be the 14th cohort of the Praetorian guards I suspect. They're the bully boys in black. the word praetoria is derived from the word <i> praetorium</i> which is the area where the commander tent was pitched in a marching camp, the praetorian guard were the commanders guards originally, formalised into the imperial guard under Augustus. Go read the article on They're under elite troops lol <p>It's not a bug, it's a feature</p><i></i>
Plus for ezcodes you need square brackets []not <> <p>It's not a bug, it's a feature</p><i></i>