Full Version: Lecture: Roman Spectacular Blood Sports
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Greetings and Hello RAT members,

I am Neal, a long time lurker and today a first time poster. RAT is always a great resource when looking into information on Romans and the classical world. I have never posted as I am too novice in the subject matter to really add quality to any discussion. 

However, a friend of mine asked if I could share with anyone I knew about an upcoming event at the Worcester Art Museum. This event is on March 17th at 6pm and is a Master Series Lecture entitled "Roman Spectacular Blood Sports", here is  a link with the full info:

Perhaps I'll post again as I delve deeper into Roman matters! And certainly will check back here!


I did not manage to go to this. I have heard little beyond that the delivery was shaky but no much about the content. Did anyone here by chance attend?