Full Version: Provincial Governors 44 B.C
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I am engaged in a Reacting to the Past game at the University and my professor, knowing my love for Hellenistic Egypt, has assigned me with Cleopatra. Could any one point me in the direction of a list of provincial governors at the time Caesar died? Specifically those in the East. Cyrene, Syria, Judea, etc. 

A second question-After leaving Egypt he left three legions in Rome (so I've read)
-what three legions?
-after Caesars death who would take control of these legions? The senate? M. Antony?

Sorry for so many questions this really is a little too late in the Hellenistic Age for my liking!

-Ptolemy Euergetes (Zack)
Broughton's "The Magistrates of the Roman Republic" vol.2 has a list of the promagistrates of 44BC. It is quite lengthy and complicated because of the assassination of Caesar, the hasty departure of the conspirators for their provinces, the uncertainty of the timing of the various changeovers and the politicking between Antony and Dolabella for their provinces. I recommend getting a copy of the book or at least a printout of the relevant pages (pp. 326-331).
These links might be of help for Broughton's "The Magistrates of the Roman Republic"

Volume 1;seq=422