Full Version: Familia Gladitore in Southern CA
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Hey all. Legion VI/IX will be starting a Gladiator troupe this year to feild an authentic, accurate display of gladiatorial games at Ft Mac July 2016 as well as Tournament of the Phoenix in Poway Oct 2016. We're looking to field approx 4-5 pairs of gladiators for a 15-20 min block of time, maybe 30 min per show, two shows a day. We have some ideas about presentation and execution but would like some input from experienced fraters about what works, what looks good, and what doesnt work, etc...
These are our pairings:
Secutor/ Retiarus
Provocator/ Provocator
Murmillo/ Hoplomacus
Mumillo/ Thraex
Diamacherus/ retiarius
Christian from AER has been an excellent source of information so far.
appreciate any/all input
Hey John, if you want, send me an Email with specific questions. I try to answer them in detail =)
(02-08-2016, 07:41 PM)caiusbeerquitius Wrote: [ -> ]Hey John, if you want, send me an Email with specific questions. I try to answer them in detail =)

Got your e-mail. excellent start!. I shared it with the rest of my legion as well. I will e-mail you back shortly. I left your facebook tag out of it. i wasnt sure if you wanted everyone sending requests...Smile
;-) Perfect.
Since Christian is involved shouldn't one of the pairings be:
Christian/Lion ?
Gladiators did not fight animals.
And I am really not happy about that first name. But my middle name is even worse.
When my parents are dead, first thing I do is change both.
Munus Primus held at Old Ft MacArthur days this weekend sponsored by Legio IV Vitrix and Legio IX Hispana!. Held in Amphitheater style WWI gunpit arena. two pairs fought for inaugural opening of the games. the favored Retiarius v Sectore and Provocatores. Second day saw Roman justice being dispensed with afternoon executions as well before the final bout.
Pics and names of victors to follow!

We will also post our rules of engagment to further outline the purpose and structure of our events. ( constructive comments are welcome on refining these!)
Praecepta Pugnam Gladiatore

I. Gladiators will share the sun at the onset.
II. Gladiators with start at a distace from each other of the longest weapons reach and 1 arms length.
III. The grabbing of an opponents scutum, manica, or weapon is prohibited unless unarmed. It is never permitted to grab an opponents galea.
IV. Grappeling is permitted if a gladiator continues to fight unarmed.
V. Summa rudis will stop the fight to allow a gladiator to recover a lost weapon, helmet, scutum or regain his footing as is fitting to continue the match.
VI. Summa Rudis will stop the fight if a fighter is incapacitated, unresposive, unable to rise off bent knee or he lowers his scutum.
VII. Summa Rudis may stop the fight for any violation of the rules, to prevent a lethal blow, and for brief periods of rest to allow fight to continue if match is without a victor.
VIII. A gladiator may not strike an opponent who is incapacitated, unresponsive, on bent knee or has lowered his scutum until the munerarius has determined his outcome.
IX. Should a gladiator request missio, the fight will be stopped, he will lower his scutum and weapon, face the munerarius, drop to his knees to await judgment.
X. Prior to receiving the iron, the loser will grasp the victors thigh at the knee to recieve the blow. If unable to do this he will lie prone.
XI. Gladiators will leave helmets on while in the arena at all times, in victory, or death.