Full Version: Irish soldiers in Roman Army
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Ave civitas,

Notitia Dignitatum under the Magister Militum Praesentalis I, the Hiberi did exist. 

Does this suggest that the Hiberi were first recruited from Hibernia?  I have read, and I don't know where, that the Romans did set sandal on Ireland's coast, but would they have recruited from there?

As always, thanks for your help.
According to my latin dictionary:
Hiberia = Iberia, and hiberus = iberus, which means spanish.
Hiberi perhaps relates to Iberia in the Caucasus. That would be unusual, thought, as most auxilia titles relate to western places and peoples.

The Attacotti, who also turn up in the auxilia lists, possibly came from Ireland, or western Scotland (like the Scotti).

However, we shouldn't assume that auxilia units named after some 'barbarian' people or other were necessarily formed by warriors from that people. Some of them are named after antique Italian and Germanic tribes, for example.
How could I forget Iberia in the Caucasus. I am afraid my latin dictionary is wrong in translating hibericus (=ibericus) with spanish. People from Iberia in the Caucasus sounds much more appropriate. Especially in the Eastern Field Army.