Full Version: New Book on Roman "Parade" Equipment
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I have just the following on my Christmas wishlist which may also be of interest to other RATers:

Jennifer Schamper. Studien zu Paraderüstungsteilen und anderen verzierten Waffen der Römischen Kaiserzeit. Dissertation Köln, 2014. Kölner Studien zur Archäologie der römischen Provinzen, Band 12. 252 Seiten, 30 Abbildungen, 74 Tabellen

It is a disseration published in the same series as the Miks book on swords (and several other dissertations on Roman military equipment) and promises to provide a full catalogue of Roman "parade" equipment (mask helmets, chamfrons etc.). The catalogue may also appeal to members who are struggling with German.
I've just deleted my thread to the same topic - you've been three minutes faster... Smile 

but I would like to provide the direct link
The link is not working. Sad
It does for me.
Yes, now it seems to be working!