Full Version: Lucius aemeillus Paulus macedonicus and the sack of epirus
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I'm having a discussion on another forum about this incident. I brought up Machiavelli, about him mentioning Paulus and the sack of Epirus saying its better to be feared than loved, when you can't be both. 

I say the sack of Epirus was a statement by the senate for Greece's lack of law and their loss of freedom due to the 2nd Macedonia war where Phillip V was defeated and Rome let Greece keep their sovereignty. Chapter 29 starting at verse 1.

He says the sack of Epirus happened because the Romans pay was little and Paulus did it because their was mutiny going on and he wanted to calm them down.

Ive read Plutarch's work. You can find or at least see what I'm using by looking at Plutarch's lives on Paulus in chapter 29 starting with verse 1.

Can RAT settle the debate for us. Thank you.