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Salvete Romani! I've always felt that military humor is one of the funniest types of humor out there, and I started wondering: are there any humorous stories from Roman military sources, such as the way slingers would inscribe jokes and stuff on their slingshot? If anybody has anything, I'd love to hear it! Gratias, amici!
What you're saying is a lot like what they did on the bombs in WWII and in Vietnam and in some of the recent wars. I don't know of any history in regards to this, but I would think its possible. As taunting the enemy is a big part of war. Trying to tell you're adversary that you don't fear him, but he should fear you. If what you're saying is true then it would be the earliest form of this. And as they say history repeats itself!

Veritas Lux Mea
From The African War (not a sling bullet but a pilum-probably hit the horse on purpose to make a point)

Battle of Ruspina

16 (Titus) Labienus, with his head uncovered,
advanced on horseback to the front of the battle,
sometimes encouraging his own men,
sometimes addressing Caesar's legions thus:
"So ho! you raw soldiers there!" says he, "why
so fierce? Has he (Caesar) infatuated you too with his
words? Truly he has brought you into a fine
condition! I pity you sincerely." Upon this, one
of the (Caesars) soldiers said: "I am none of your raw
warriors, Labienus, but a veteran of the tenth

" Where's your standard?" replied

" I'll soon make you sensible who I
am," answered the soldier. Then pulling off his
helmet, to discover himself, he threw a javelin,
with all his strength at Labienus, which
wounding his horse severely in the breast-
"Know, Labienus," says he, "that this dart was
thrown by a soldier of the tenth legion."


I believed he could have killed Labienus-but the Legionnaire wanted to make sure his contempt was delivered and the recipient was alive to understand who delivered it. You cannot get more personal then that. Spared Labienus life and humiliated him all at once {Payback for killing captured Ceasarian Legionnaires (The X ?) by Labienus at Dyrrhachium???}
I've seen some Greek slinger bullets with "Catch" inscribed on them. I also have picture of Roman bullets, most inscribed with the slingers legion, one with "Caesar Imp" short for Imperator, one with the singular imperative mood form for sit "Sede", and one with a phallus in the bottom right corner (most likely not meant to ward off the evil eye and meant as a joke like stated). Sorry for the picture quality just pulled it off the Internet from a book at school.
I was just trying to provide an example for a basis. I'm looking for any ancient military humor available. I just find it interesting and funny, personally.