Full Version: Units stationed at Luguvalium?
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I'm trying to determine what units would have been stationed (or at least plausibly stationed) in or around Luguvalium in the years immediately following the completion of Hadrian's Wall (say ~125 CE). I'm assuming definitely some Auxilia cohortes and/or ala, but with the Legio VI Victrix headquarters in Eboracum, would there have been any elements of then Legion detached for places like Luguvalium? Any help or insight would be appreciated!


There seem to be a couple of Legio VI inscriptions from Carlisle - AE 2001, 01295 and AE 1991, 01149. One's a brick or tile stamp and the other a lead piping stamp, I think. Undated, and outnumbered by inscriptions from the other British legions, but it implies that some members of the legion were there in some capacity, at least.

Luguvalium was behind the wall, of course, and I believe some sort of legionary detachment has been suggested as a garrison, or part of the garrison, at one time or another. Which is pretty vague, but gives you a lot of leeway! Otherwise, the nearby fort of Stanwix was the home of the Ala Petriana for a couple of centuries, so some element of their force might also have garrisoned Carlisle.

Thanks for the information!